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Sleep Philosophy


Sleep Philosophy

Our guiding principle is that children need sleep.

Therefore, they need their parents to provide them with tools that enable them to get the rest they need. We choose to refer to the process as “sleep teaching” rather than “sleep training.” This is exactly what you are doing–you are teaching your child how to sleep.

All parents hope their children will begin sleeping through the night without any intervention. If this does not happen, both parent and child are sleep deprived. Parents often feel overwhelmed, lost, and defeated. Yet, understandably, they are terrified at the thought of having to listen to their child cry to get to sleep. We do not advocate or suggest you leave your child alone to cry for hours and hours. It is very important to us to make sure your child does not feel abandoned or alone and that both parents and child get the support they need during this transition.

When parents decide to “sleep teach” their child, it is an emotional undertaking, as well as a physical one. We believe whole-heartedly that parents are doing this FOR their children, not TO their children. It is the first of many times parents will have to put aside their own discomfort in the interest of helping their child. Sleep deprivation negatively impacts children’s moods, learning capabilities, behavior, and even physical health. Parents who are sleep deprived have decreased energy, higher levels of frustration, and are more easily irritated. These consequences trickle down to the entire household, resulting in unnecessary stress and tension Providing children with sufficient sleep creates a stable environment for the entire family and allows parents to be better rested, and thus, more attentive and patient with their children. They can ultimately be better parents because they are no longer sleep-deprived.

We rely on our extensive experience to develop an approach for each client. Once we assess your particular needs and comfort zone, we create a plan of action that will yield the most successful results. Our track record is unparalleled in helping families resolve their sleep challenges, which is a testament to the effectiveness of our methods and expertise. Our technique is compassionate and caring and we are conscientious of making sure your child will not feel abandoned. We attend to everyone’s emotions and needs and offer kind, calm, support during the sleep teaching process. We do everything we can to help your family get through the process and get some sleep!


A Word From Our Clients

We can not say enough good things about Kimberly and this sleep training service We were an unusual customer, in that we were re-sleep training our 2-... Read more

We can not say enough good things about Kimberly and this sleep training service. We were an unusual customer, in that we were re-sleep training our 2-year-old who had fallen off and developed some terrible sleep habits. Kimberly was literally a godsend and we had our son off these habits and sleeping through the night in two nights- a feat we thought was impossible with our very stubborn son. This was the best money we ever spent and I have recommended Kimberly and her approach to many people. Don’t think twice if you are considering this. 

NY, 2 Year Old
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