We can not say enough good things about Kimberly and this sleep training service. We were an unusual customer, in that we were re-sleep training our 2-year-old who had fallen off and developed some terrible sleep habits. Kimberly was literally a godsend and we had our son off these habits and sleeping through the night in two nights- a feat we thought was impossible with our very stubborn son. This was the best money we ever spent and I have recommended Kimberly and her approach to many people. Don’t think twice if you are considering this. 

NY, 2 Year Old

We initially contacted Kimberly about 3 yrs ago when my first daughter was 14 mos old. She was a great sleeper until somehow, she got used to our bed and never wanted to leave.  I had sleep issues, to begin with, so having my 14-month-old sleeping across us wasn’t working for me.  After seeking a consult with Kimberly and following her instructions, after just one night of only ten minutes of crying, baby #1 was sound asleep in her bed.  I swear I cried longer than she did.  

Fast forward to baby number #2, like every seasoned parent, we swore she wouldn’t make it to our bed.  We knew what to expect and lo and behold, she made it into our bed at about 8 months old. This one was a complete clinger (especially to my husband) and we swore she was never leaving.  I tried some of the techniques I learned with Kimberly for a nap, but my daughter was just not having it.   After this crazy year of the pandemic, we relented and finally called Kimberly when she was 20 mos old, and after just one semi-bad night, my daughter literally reaches to go into her crib without crying.   If you are on the fence, do not past go…call Kimberly!  

Lisa & Joe
NY, 20-month-old 14-month-old

We began working with Kimberly when our son was just shy of 4 months old; when we met, he was not napping, his ability to fall asleep depended on eating/being rocked, and his overnight sleep was in 2-3 hour stretches. It is not hyperbole to say Kimberly changed our lives; she is simply extraordinary. Our son is now a regular napper (3/day), is sleeping 10 hours/night, and can fall asleep on his own. Kimberly went above and beyond: she was always available when we needed her (including on major holidays!), she consistently checked in with us, and gave us spot-on advice. As new parents, we were nervous about sleep training; Kimberly’s gentle methods, patience, and personalized approach were perfect for our family. Kimberly is part baby-whisperer, part fairy godmother, part emotional support system; we couldn’t feel luckier to have found her. I cannot recommend her more highly. She is a superhero.

Jillian & Kenny
NY, Son, 4 months old

Our son must be one of the toughest babies Kimberly has taught to sleep. When we came to Kimberly, he was being held and nursed for hours and hours throughout the night. He would scream his head off at bedtime (and for hours throughout the night) and certainly never fell asleep on his own. Kimberly stuck with us through and through. She spent the first evening in our home and was up for hours coaching us through her technique. Our stubborn little boy resisted but Kimberly persisted and supported our family until we had a sleeper! Now our son falls asleep within seconds of being put down in his crib and knows how to put himself back to sleep if he ever wakes in the night. Thanks to Kimberly, my husband’s daily migraines have subsided and we are in a less stressful home 🙂 


Reaching out to Kimberly is probably the best decision I’ve ever made. With a new baby at home and a 4-year-old who has been waking up multiple times a night, I was exhausted. My 4 year old “needed me” to fall asleep with him. He would then wake up 2-3 times per night. Kimberly helped sleep train my son and it couldn’t have been easier or more enjoyable. She was so sweet and approachable throughout the whole process. we are all happy sleepers and well-rested!


We called Kimberly because at 3 years old, my son would not give up the pacifier! He fell asleep with it in his mouth every night for 3 years! I was terrified that if I took it away he would not sleep. Kimberly came over and had a really creative and cute plan for helping him understand that the passies were going “bye-bye.” He was not happy, but she helped us through it and now we are passie free! Yay!

CT, son, 3 years

We dealt with sleep issues with our 2.5-year-old for 2 years. Thinking it was a phase he would grow out of, we labored through months of little or no sleep. I was referred to Parenting Unlimited by a co-worker who had great success with her son and decided to give her method a try. I explained our issues to Kimberly thinking they were unique and carried lots of challenges, but she assured me that she could help and my problems were common. I know everyone’s scenario is different, but after one session and only 2 nights of getting our child familiar with the program, our sleep problems were gone. The program is very easy to follow and fun for the child.

NJ, son, 2.5 years

We called Kimberly when our son was 3 years old and our daughter was just a few weeks old. His bedtime routine was exhausting. We read several books on the subject and tried many methods but were still sitting on the floor of his room until he fell asleep… every night! Kimberly literally changed our lives — we say it all the time. Our son connected with her right away and within 3 days he was falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night and we had our evenings back! Kimberly’s routine was not only effective, but we still follow it today nearly one year later. We called Kimberly again when our daughter was 5 months old and again she got us on a great schedule and taught us how she can fall asleep on her own. And then, before our daughter went to preschool we called her for potty training! Kimberly is amazing and we recommend her all the time with full confidence!

Michelle & Jeff
NJ, son 3 years and daughter 5 months

Kimberly Walker is amazing! Our daughter had been the perfect sleeper and then around 11 months she wouldn’t sleep through the night anymore without being held or sleeping in our bed. We were exhausted and frustrated but in a matter of a couple of days, Kimberly’s advice helped us retrain our daughter. She’s 17 months now and she’s been a great sleeper ever since Kimberly came to help us. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is experiencing sleep issues with their children.

CT, daughter, 17 months

Our son Reed was 6 months old and essentially had stopped sleeping through the night… he was up every hour! My husband and I were beyond tired and not functioning at work at all. A friend referred us to Parenting Unlimited and Kimberly is brilliant… she got Reed on a perfect schedule and he has slept from 7:30-6:30 ever since!!

CT, son, 6 months

Our son, Cole, was 4 months old and not sleeping longer than 30 min unless he was in his swing. Getting him to sleep through the night seemed impossible. My husband and I were at our wit’s end…miserable, sleep-deprived, and taking care of a newborn and toddler. One of us would sleep on the couch in the family room because that is where the swing was…the ONLY place our son would sleep. Even then he was up every couple of hours. We had no schedule and we felt helpless….he was IMPOSSIBLE. We needed a sleep trainer but did not know where to start. I contacted Kimberly and she was very confident that she could get our child to sleep through the night in his crib in a matter of days. We were skeptical only because our son was a tough case. However, we did everything she told us to and it worked! To a ‘T’! Everything she said would happen, happened! We are so thankful to her for getting our son AND us our sleep back!!!! We are now a happy family!!! Thanks, Kimberly!!!

NJ, son, 4 months

My son was always a good nighttime sleeper until quite suddenly he started night waking at 17 months. He was also standing in his crib (for an hour at a time!) and plagued by separation anxiety. Kimberly Walker at Parenting Unlimited helped me resolve these issues and develop a better nap time schedule. The thing I really like about Kimberly is that she asks about the details of your child’s situation and offers very specific, customized solutions. There are so many nuances to getting a toddler to sleep (and stay asleep) and she knows how little shifts can make a dramatic difference. She is infinitely patient, kind, and understanding. I’ve spoken to many sleep consultants before finding Kimberly. Without a doubt, she is the best.

CT, son, 17 months

Getting more than an hour of sleep at a time at night was impossible before we met Kimberly Walker. Our 9-month-old son would need to fall asleep in my arms, and I would have to put him down in his crib only when he was in a deep sleep otherwise he would wake up and cry. Even after he was in the crib, he would wake up almost every hour all night long. We would feed him but he would still wake up no matter what we did. I would dread nighttime. Around 5 pm every day, I would get a knot in my stomach, just thinking about the night ahead. Not sleeping through the night also made our lives difficult during the day, because my son was constantly irritable, wouldn’t eat well, and wouldn’t nap well either.
After Kimberly, it was as if we had a different baby. He would fall asleep in his crib on his own, would sleep through the night, and wake up in the morning with a smile on his face when I would come in to get him. He was happy during the day, much more outgoing and playful and Kimberly helped us get his nap schedule working as well. Sometimes I will think about those months of sleepless nights and I wonder what we would have done without Kimberly. I’m extremely grateful I will never have to know.

Anand and Anu
NY, son, 9 months

We called Parenting Unlimited and decided to do a phone sleep consult. Kimberly Walker was able to help us immensely over the phone. She asked the right questions, listened, and offered tailored solutions for our twin’s sleeping problems. Having our twins sleep in the same room affects their sleeping and Kimberly was able to give us some useful tips on helping them fall asleep and sleep through the night. Her Psychological insight helped pinpoint some issues with their schedule and bedtime routine. We were able to help our twins sleep better and help ourselves sleep with minimal crying and by adjusting their schedule to their needs.

CT, twins, 6 months

We first spoke with Kimberly Walker when my daughter was 12 weeks old. At that time, Kimberly helped us think through the best way to get my daughter on a schedule, primarily in regards to feeding and napping, which made her sleep schedule at night more predictable. For the next three months, we constantly relied on Kimberly through phone calls, email, and text messages to help us tweak this schedule as our daughter got older. As a result, by the time Kimberly came to do her sleep consultation and overnight stay, we saw results very quickly. Kimberly immediately helped us get rid of the pacifier (24 hours later, they were gone!), and got our daughter sleeping through the night very quickly. She also worked with us to customize a napping schedule that worked with our daughter’s daily activities. Kimberly was able to be this effective while using a calm and warm approach. We cannot thank her enough!

NY, son, 8 months

I called Parenting Unlimited when my daughter Elizabeth was 13 months. Every time she went to sleep I had to sit by her bed and hold her hand. She could not fall asleep without a pacifier, so in addition to putting her to sleep, every time she would wake up at night, I had to get up, put the pacifier back and sit there with her for about half an hour. This routine consumed an enormous amount of time. Three naps a day and 2-4 ‘awakenings’ during the night left me feeling completely exhausted day after day. Also, no one could console her at night except for me which meant no help, no breaks, and no vacations. I tried the crying out method once but Elizabeth threw up so much and it was so hard for her to catch her breath afterward that it left me terrified and I swore to never do it again. Kimberly Walker literally gave me my life back. She was very kind, considerate, and made me feel at ease right away. She listened to all of my concerns and addressed every issue I had. The first night was the hardest. I would not have made it through if she wasn’t there reassuring me that everything was all right. Now, Elizabeth falls asleep within 10 minutes (WITHOUT pacifier) and sleeps through the night. What a miracle! I am SO happy I found Kimberly and I will be infinitely grateful for all her help and support.

NJ, daughter, 13 months

We hired Kimberly Walker for three nights when our daughter was 17 months old. We had gotten into the habit of taking the baby to bed with us when she woke in the night (after taking usually over an hour to put her to bed with rocking and singing which was very draining) because we both work and it was too draining to try to rock her back to sleep in the middle of the night. Kimberly was able to address the issue by the third night. She was very patient with us and very kind to our daughter. On the second night, we were sure our daughter would recoil once she saw that the “lady who made her stay in her crib” was back, but that was not the case. Our daughter was happy to see Kimberly and even when Kimberly left, our daughter still looked around for her. Shortly after completing sleep training, we were displaced from our home due to Hurricane Sandy. We consulted Kimberly and kept up with our usual routine as best we could. Our daughter did great. Sleep training really works and we are so thankful that we had an expert sleep trainer to help!

CT, daughter, 17 months

My husband and I were sleep-deprived and after reading many books and trying many sleep methods, including the Ferber Sleep Method, we decided to call in an infant sleep consultant because our 6-month-old daughter was not sleeping through the night. It was the best choice we made and it left us wondering why we did not inquire with one sooner. Our experienced infant and toddler sleep consultant, Kimberly Walker, provided personalized guidance for sleep challenges and routines. She took into account our family’s unique situation, parenting style, daytime/nighttime routines, and our baby’s specific needs and followed our baby’s responses. Kimberly made me, as a first-time mother, feel comfortable and confident during sleep training and was there to answer every single question. Seven months later our now 13-month-old daughter has never woken once during the night and has a very predictable nap and bedtime routine. As working parents, it was very important to my husband and I to have a routine established that a variety of family members and babysitters could walk in, follow, and put our daughter to sleep. I can proudly say this is exactly what we have accomplished thanks to Kimberly’s expertise. She brought many ideas to the table as far as helping guide our baby’s sleep that we would never have thought of. We highly recommend Kimberly for any infant and toddler sleep concerns and can say we will be calling Kimberly when it is time to have our next child. Thank you!

NY, daughter, 13 months

Parenting Unlimited is a wonderful—indeed, an invaluable resource for parents. She is kind, sensitive, and very, very experienced in gently helping young children learn how to get to sleep by themselves—and teaching anxious, exhausted parents how to let children learn this crucial life skill. Our 14-month-old daughter had terrible nights that seemed only to get worse as time went on: often waking up crying every 40 minutes all night, or waking up for three hours at a time. I was exhausted; she was exhausted. I read a number of books on sleep training, and the basic process made a great deal of sense to me, but I was simply too physically tired to stay up for a couple of nights if needed, and I was too emotionally exhausted to deal with the idea of our daughter crying for even a few minutes. I did not know about sleep trainers or sleep consultants. I remember thinking: If only there were someone who could come to my house and help me do this. And I was amazed to learn that there is indeed such a person: Kimberly Walker. She very gradually and very gently taught our daughter how to go to sleep by herself and to get back to sleep upon waking in the night. After three nights, our daughter was sleeping through the night. Kimberly was available for extremely helpful daily telephone consultations for two weeks after her time in our home, and during that time she helped me help our daughter take two daytime naps as well. I cannot recommend Kimberly’s services highly enough.

NY, daughter, 14 months

We called Kimberly when Victory was 5 1/2 months old and no one in the house was sleeping through the night. Victory was waking increasingly frequently – every 2 hours or so – and getting increasingly frustrated about not being able to get back to sleep. The books on the subject weren’t helping me. I needed someone experienced to come and spend time with us and be able to see what the problem might be and help us solve it. Kimberly spent two nights with us. She put Victory in his own room and sat with him and soothed him when he woke. The second night he woke once. The third night he slept for 11 hours straight. With a handful of exceptions, he has slept through the night (11 – 12 hours) ever since.

Kimberly was extremely patient, sensitive, and committed to her work. Her follow-up care was excellent. We are extremely grateful to her for the help she gave us.

NY, son, 5.5 months

I called Kimberly Walker after 6 months of sleepless nights and cranky twin daughters that would not sleep through the night. I was exhausted and it was clear to my husband and I that we needed a sleep consultant. Kimberly was nothing short of a miracle worker. Kimberly arrived on Sunday and clearly told us her plan for the night and the following nights she would be with us. Everything she said made sense and worked like magic. Our daughters responded very well to her. They were sleeping and smiling in the morning! And napping during the day! Her care and love for babies were so clear in how my girls smiled around her. Kimberly regularly checked in during the day to see how the night had gone and how the day was going. I never hesitated to contact her if things went wrong and she always had the perfect solution. I felt so comfortable with Kimberly, it was sad to have her leave, not only because I was nervous to be on my own at night, but because she had become a friend in just a few days. She is an expert at what she does and seems to have been born with a sense of calm and love for children. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

CT, twins, 6 months

Kimberly Walker is a lifesaver! We had been having trouble with our daughter’s sleep for months and were all exhausted when we called Parenting Unlimited for sleep help. Kimberly’s expertise made the process much less stressful for both our daughter and us and fixed the problem much more quickly than if we had tried to do it ourselves. Kimberly has a great understanding of child psychology and, maybe even more importantly, parent psychology, holding this nervous mom’s hand throughout. We were very reluctant to sleep train but after it was all over our only regret was not calling her sooner. We are all sleeping well now and the positive effect it has had on our family is wonderful.

CT, daughter, 15 months

I was referred to Kimberly Walker by a friend of a friend while talking about my twin’s sleep deprivation. I had tried everything, I had read everything. At first, I was skeptical of a sleep trainer, but when I started to see a change in their sleeping, I was so relieved. The twins were not the only ones sleep-deprived and I started to feel like I was getting my sanity back. Four months later and we have run into a couple of issues but Kimberly has always been available to help me. My only wish is that I can check in with her on a regular basis!

NY, twins, 10 months

I contacted Kimberly Walker when my 11-month-old twins did not know how to fall asleep independently. They needed to be rocked to sleep and would cry hysterically when they were placed in their cribs awake (most of the time to the point of throwing up). Naps and bedtime were incredibly difficult and were getting worse as the weeks passed. Kimberly Walker stayed with us for two nights, taught the girls how to go to sleep on their own, and helped put them on a schedule. While the first few nights were difficult, it was WELL worth it as my twins are completely able to fall asleep with no rocking or other assistance! They know their routine and are happy at nap and bedtime. Kimberly was extremely compassionate and gave me the confidence I needed to help give them the extremely important skill of learning to fall asleep independently. I would HIGHLY recommend Kimberly to anyone whose children are having sleep issues. My husband and I sing Kimberly’s praises quite often!

NJ, twins, 11 months

There are no words to describe our gratitude for the lifesaving help and advice we got from Parenting Unlimited. Adam was 4 months old at the time and I was going back to work. He was not sleeping through the night and we were exhausted. My husband and I happened to be at a party where someone mentioned “The Sleep Trainer!” We immediately contacted Kimberly and knew we had to get her to come and help us. We wanted Kimberly to come for two nights and after two nights Adam was sleeping through the night. We actually kept Kimberly for another 2 nights (for insurance) because we couldn’t believe her training worked. We are happy to say that since then, Adam (who is now 1 year) is a good sleeper and knows how to put himself to sleep. My husband and I still say that it was the best money spent!!! Kimberly is a wealth of knowledge about baby sleep habits and she is wonderful to work with. She also set us up with a schedule for napping and feeding, which we still find helpful. Thank you, Kimberly!

Robin & Jamie
NJ, son, 4 months

I called Kimberly when our son was 4 months old and still waking up in the middle of the night. He was big enough to be ready for sleep training, so we got the recommendation to hire Kimberly. Not only did she get him sleeping through the night quickly, but she also revamped his entire schedule. She got him on an ideal nap/bottle/bedtime schedule and brought peace and structure to our lives! Dealing with sleep issues and knowing your baby may cry some is one of the toughest things a parent faces, and having Kimberly there for us & our baby made us feel safe. She does it gently and with calmness, which the baby senses. Even after the roughest nights, he still woke up smiling at her! Kimberly was a pleasure to have in our home during such a challenging family experience and we still use her as a consultant for the “fine-tuning” of our son’s schedule.

NJ, son, 4 months

I actually called Parenting Unlimited twice! The first time was when my son was 13 months old and still nursing to sleep and not sleeping through the night. I was terrified and unsure about sleep training, but Kimberly made me feel calm right from the get-go when I spoke to her on the phone. I spoke to a few sleep specialists and I liked Kimberly’s warm personality and the depth of questions she asked me about my son. With a sleep program in place, my son was sleeping through the night in 6 nights. The SECOND time I called Kimberly my son was 21 months old and I was desperate. We had relapsed to nursing to sleep and not sleeping through the night in his crib. We sort of had to start over, but this time I wanted to wean as well. Kimberly was incredibly supportive and she really helped me get through this tough period. Now my son is weaned and sleeping through the night, some nights he still wakes up, this is well always the case, but I now I know how to get him back to sleep in a consistent way. I could not have done it without her!

NY, son, now 2 years

Our now 13-month-old son completely switched his sleeping patterns when he turned 10 months old. He went from an uninterrupted 11 hours of sleep and two good naps to waking almost every hour, waking for good at 4 am, and only taking one or two half-hour naps. He would not sleep through the night! After months of his not sleeping any better, us not getting any sleep, and two failed attempts to “cry it out”, my husband and I decided we needed a sleep consultant. We found Kimberly through a friend who used her for nap-time help and decided to have her come and stay with us for three nights (our son had a pattern of improving over two days but then moving to a new disruptive sleep pattern on the third). She is a complete and total miracle worker. Seriously! The first two nights he did wake up a lot and did cry before going back to sleep but Kimberly was so sweet and patient with him (and us!) that by the third night when she had me put him down by myself he went to sleep after only 15 minutes of intermittent crying and slept for the whole night! She was also able to diagnose a few other issues (new bottle nipples, pacifier weaning, louder sound machine) that we just hadn’t thought of in our sleep-deprivation state but it made us feel like she really was paying attention to what our son specifically needed – not just some generic plan that is supposed to fit all babies. Two weeks later he is still sleeping through the night and when we go to put him down for bed he doesn’t make a peep – just rolls over onto his pillow, snuggles down into his lovie, and goes to sleep!! We are still in awe and know it was the best money we have EVER spent.

NY, son, 13 months

My toddler Sam basically stopped sleeping through the night at age 2, when he moved into a bed and his brother was born. He would make us sit in his room to fall asleep, which usually took one hour; he would come into our room up to 3 times a night, and he would wake at 5 am every day. This went on for 10 months and in desperation, I called a sleep trainer. At the end of Kimberly’s 5-night stay, Sam was falling asleep within 15 minutes, never waking in the night, and sleeping until 6 am. And using her methods, we’ve been able to push wake-up time to almost 630 am. My husband and I still can’t believe it.
Kimberly was gentle and caring with our son, and it was a true pleasure having her in our home.

NY, son, 2.5 years

We contacted Kimberly when our twins were about 4 1/2 months old after our pediatrician told us that there was no reason why they shouldn’t be sleeping through the night. After attempting to “sleep train” ourselves, we soon grew exasperated with our son’s constant cries and called Kimberly Walker in desperation. Even though she had a fully packed schedule, she was able to counsel us over the phone. Unlike our pediatrician, who essentially told us to shut the door and walk away, she gave us specific instructions and practical advice that was both effective and reassuring. It made us feel like we had a plan to follow, and all of her instructions made sense. She was always available to us, whether it be through phone calls, texts, or emails, and no question seemed to phase her. Our daughter responded to our consistency immediately, but it took our son a bit longer to adapt to our new routine. A month later, however, they were both sleeping almost 12 hours at night and taking 2-3 naps daily. My son, who was colicky and cranky much of the time, has benefited immensely from having a solid schedule and consistent sleeping routine. Kimberly’s suggestions were spot on, and we are so grateful to be able to say that now all four of us get a good night’s sleep each night!

NY, twins, 4.5 months

When I called Parenting Unlimited, I had a 1-year old that was still eating in the night and a 3 ½ year old that came into our bed every night and would vomit every time we let him cry. It was terrible! I don’t know how Kimberly did it, but I know that NOW I have 2 great sleepers! It felt like a miracle! Thanks SO much!

NY, daughter 1 yr and son 3.5 yrs

Wow – Parenting Unlimited! After almost 9 months of “winging it” as new parents putting our little girl to sleep, we finally admitted that we needed some help and decided to hire a sleep consultant. Not knowing day to day how our baby would fall asleep was physically and mentally exhausting. We didn’t realize that it was actually possible to get our daughter to sleep without nursing or soothing her to sleep. Then we made what might be considered the most efficient and effective investment of the year: a few hours of Kimberly Walker – for many hours of sleep and an intangible amount of parental sanity. We had no idea if a sleep consultant would “work” – but the results were immediate and lasting to this day. Kimberly was awesome – from the moment we opened the door – we were comfortable with Kimberly’s easy-going, relaxed demeanor, and her ability to handle our seemingly unique situation. We hung out for a few hours, set our routine and game plan, and parted as parenting partners….and she provided a lot of hand-holding on the phone as well. We are so grateful to Kimberly for being available to us – her work has drastically increased the quality of our lives…We just should have called her months earlier!

NY, daughter, now 1 year

Calling Kimberly Walker was the single best decision I’ve made thus far as a parent. I was at my wit’s end after four months of terrible, all-day, and all-night colic with my daughter. She would not sleep. To say I was a wreck was a major understatement! From the very first conversation with Kimberly, I knew I had found a person I trusted. She was kind and soothing and a very skilled listener — and she really cared about how my husband and I were feeling about the process. We did the in-home overnight sleep teaching package for two nights, during which time she also adjusted my daughter’s daytime feeding and napping routine to create the optimum conditions for a full night’s sleep. I was so afraid it wouldn’t work, that my daughter would scream until dawn and it would make things even worse. Three nights later, She was sleeping 12 hours straight in her crib in her own room! A few days after that, she was taking all her naps in her crib like clockwork. I still remember the first time she slept through the night — I sat there with my husband crying tears of joy because I couldn’t believe it was really happening. When our second baby came along (a surprise!) just 11 months after my daughter, we called Kimberly again to help with his sleep and also to advise us on getting their routines to run as smoothly as possible. She gave me detailed, smart, achievable suggestions and step-by-step instructions for everyone to follow, which was terrific in ensuring that our nanny and any other caregivers (like our parents) would all know what to do. With two kids less than a year apart, our household would have been so much more hectic and stressful without Kimberly guiding us along the way. I could never thank her enough for the wonderful influence she’s had on my family’s life, and I think anyone out there would be lucky to have her counsel.

NY, daughter 16 months and son 5 months

Parenting Unlimited was such a great service to have around at such an overwhelming time. Kimberly Walker exuded an aura of calm, had great, really practical advice on everything from sleep training, to schedules, to how to feed two babies at once. She was so encouraging, positive, and made me feel like, yes, I can handle this! By the way, my twins have been great sleepers ever since!

CO, twins, 9 months

Kimberly was a lifesaver! She helped us put Grant and Maeve on a schedule at 4 months. 5 years later they are still great sleepers. As a result, the entire family is well-rested and happy. We can’t thank her enough.

Jane & Gregg
NJ, twins, 4 months

When I called Parenting Unlimited, I had a 1-year old that was still eating in the night and a 3 ½ year old that came in our bed every night and would vomit every time we let him cry. It was terrible! I don’t know how Kimberly did it, but I know that NOW I have 2 great sleepers! It felt like a miracle! Thanks SO much!

NY, daughter 1 yr and son 3.5 yrs

Kimberly is a savior! Because of her, my daughter is a great sleeper now!
Before hiring Parenting Unlimited, I was barely able to leave the house because my daughter was so sleep-deprived. Now, my friends and family cannot believe the difference in behavior since she’s been sleeping better. I would recommend them to anyone. There is nothing wrong with hiring a sleep consultant! Your sanity is worth it! Kimberly’s patience, kindness, availability, and techniques are unmatched!

NY, daughter, 17 months

The first question Kimberly asked us was, “Are you sure you are ready?” — and we were. Our 1-year-old son was moving further and further away from being a good sleeper to the point where we were up with him every 50 minutes for each sleep cycle because he had no ability to put himself back down! We were in that awful place that lies beyond exhausted, soon realizing that we could no longer distinguish between crying from exhaustion, crying from teething, crying cause he is sick. He needed sleep!
Kimberly stayed with us for two nights and she is the reason my wife and I have not slept less than 7 hours a night since then. I have no hesitation in saying she changed our lives, but most important she changed our son’s life! He’s happy when he wakes up, he has more energy, better appetite, he is hitting milestones we were concerned about him not reaching because he wasn’t resting – sleep matters! Your little guy or girl needs sleep! Now our son is a great sleeper and a great napper, and Kimberly left us with the tools to carry on what she taught us after she left.
This is the best decision you can make for your family! Call Kimberly and get ready to sleep!

NJ, son, 1 year

My son had just turned 6 months when I started working with Kimberly. He was still waking up 2-3 times during the night and I was beyond exhausted as a working mom of 2 kids. I had tried several things by myself before working with Kimberly but couldn’t really figure it out and I knew I needed help. Kimberly was there literally every step of the way and gave us advice that made sense for MY son – not just a one-size-fits-all method. She encouraged us to be consistent which was key and within a few nights, he was not waking up at all which I didn’t think was possible! She was extremely supportive as we tackled naps as well and patient with all my questions – which were abundant. She helped me figure out things about daytime sleep/feeding that I would never have thought of or tried to do myself. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again thanks to her getting him to sleep!

NY, son, 6 months

My daughter was almost 3 years old when we finally called Kimberly for help. She was a great sleeper until we moved her to a bed. She refused to fall asleep without us sitting by her bed and she came to our bed every night. If we walked her back to bed, it was a game to her and did not work! Kimberly came in and explained she was a “sleep teacher.” She made a book for her and we got her a wake-up clock. She played games with her and although my daughter was not happy about the changes at first, she actually listened and now she is perfectly fine! I couldn’t believe it! I wish I had not suffered all the previous months and called Kimberly sooner!

NY, daughter, 2 years 8 months

I called Kimberly because I wanted to die! I was so tired, I could not think straight. We knew it would be expensive to fly her to LA, but I had heard great things about her and I did not feel like I had the energy to do the phone consult. If it worked, I could not put a price on my sanity! My almost 3 and 1/2-year-old was STILL waking 2,3,4 times a night. I would wake up exhausted and annoyed with her and feel so guilty for feeling angry. Kimberly came for 3 nights and taught all of us about sleep. It was a life-saver and worth every penny!

Los Angeles, daughter, 3 years 4 months

I can’t recommend Kimberly enough, she is the best! My twin girls were close to 5 months old and still not sleeping through the night consistently. I knew I had to train them, but needed the support to do it. Kimberly gave me very detailed instructions to follow and within 2 nights they were sleeping soundly through the night! I couldn’t believe it! We then trained them to take day naps in their crib, which was also successful in a heartbeat. Kimberly was there to answer any questions or concerns I had, and made the process so seamless!!

NY, g/g twins, 5 months

I was going crazy trying to potty train my 3 year old. Even the teachers at his school didn’t know what to do! Parenting Unlimited came for a day and things completely turned around!

NJ, Son, 3 Years

It takes a village to raise a child… but in a village, like New York, it really takes a team of specially trained experts….. Sleepless nights were exactly what sent Sydney to in-home sleep trainer Kimberly Walker.

Time Out New York Kids

Our son was 13 months old when Parenting Unlimited came to the rescue. The help has been invaluable and a blessing to our family life!

NY, Son, 13 months

There are no words to describe our gratitude for the life-saving help and advice we got from Kimberly Walker.

Robin and Jamie
NY, Son, 4 months

I’m glad I called when I did. My baby was 5 months old and up all night. It’s hands down the best money I ever spent.

Dr. Robson-Kushner
NY, Son, 6 months
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Have Questions?

I'd be happy to help!

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