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Kimberly Walker, the founder of Parenting Unlimited, is a highly regarded parenting consultant specializing in teaching parents how to encourage and implement healthy sleep habits for their children and also in potty training.

She is an expert in addressing a wide array of challenging sleep issues, including chronic night wakings, the needs of twins/multiples, toddler transitions, and managing siblings. She has been recognized in publications such as Time Out Baby New York, has worked at the renowned Soho Parenting Center as an independent sleep consultant, and has lectured to a variety of parenting groups regarding sleep challenges, potty training and child behavior/development. She travels throughout the country and works with international and high profile clients. She is referred to patients by various pediatricians throughout the New York City area.

For over 20 years, Kimberly has worked with hundreds of infants and children and developed tried and proven techniques to help them form and maintain healthy and predictable sleep habits. She spent the first four to five years of her career solely working with exhausted parents of multiples. Her philosophy of childcare and parenting emphasizes the parents’ responsibility in fostering healthy habits for their children.

Kimberly has a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After college, she worked at the United States Senate on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.  She eventually moved to New York City and received a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University with a focus on children and families. She is a Licensed Masters Social Worker in New York State and worked previously with adults and children as a clinical psychotherapist. Her extensive and unique background in psychology enables her to nurture both the child and the parents throughout the process of sleep teaching and other sensitive issues that affect children, parents and families.